"Alcatraz High" is a comic series that was first introduced in the summer of 2003. It is a coming of age story set in a high-tech prototype school where the security is more emphasized than the education. The high tech includes metal detectors, surveillance cameras, laser barred classrooms, giant security robots and artificial intelligent virtual teachers. In this story, the jocks play a futuristic version of football in giant mech robots and the cheerleaders perform on a hoovering stage above the exuberant crowd of fans and the student body.

Within this fantastic and futuristic "big brother" world, two social misfits rebel against the social and administrative structure and chaos and adventure unfolds!

Alcatraz High: High Education, Higher Security!

Here is a PSA narrated by the lead character Miguel, that was featured in issue # 1 of Alcatraz High.

Here are some promotional artwork for Alcatraz High.

This is a drawing I did for fun this past Halloween. It features my characters Stacey, Miguel and Steve from "Alcatraz High" dressed up for Halloween in "Captain EO" gear. For more information and artwork on "Alcatraz High" please visit my Deviant Art page.